Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Unix System Concepts & Applications By Sumitabha Das, Fourth Edition - Free Download

Table of Contents


Chapter 1 Getting Started
Chapter 2 The Unix Architecture and Command Usage
Chapter 3 General Purpose utilities
Chapter 4 The File System
Chapter 5 Handling Ordinary Files
Chapter 6 Basic File Attributes
Chapter 7 The vi Editor
Chapter 8 The Shell
Chapter 9 The Process
Chapter 10 Customizing The Environment
Chapter 11 More File Attributes
Chapter 12 Simple Filters
Chapter 13 Filter Using Regular Expressions-grep And sed
Chapter 14 Essential Shell Programming
Chapter 15 Essential System Administration


Chapter 16 The X Window System
Chapter 17 Networking Tools
Chapter 18 Awk-An Advanced Filter
Chapter 19 Per1-The Master Manipulator
Chapter 20 Advanced vi
Chapter 21 Advanced Shell Programming
Chapter 22 Program Development Tools
Chapter 23 Systems Programming I- Files
Chapter 24 Systems Programming II-Process Control
Chapter 25 Advanced System Administration


Eylife said...

not complete book only 131 pages

Morgan said...

Hah, a bout about unix and it comes in the form of an *.exe ?! No thanks!

gopal patel said...

It's a RAR format, I don't know why are you getting exe format ?,
try again

sourabh bhardwaj said...

not a complete book.......send the complete one

Subrat Kumar said...


Alvis Vadaliya said...

what the fuck is this?? .exe ???

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